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Ningbo Joyometal Industrial Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Joyometal Industrial Co.,Ltd.is a profesional OEM metal parts supplier from 2011 ,focus on CNC parts ,investment casting ,die casting ,forging ,stamping ,welding and so on according customer's drawing. Mainly material in carbon steel,stainless steel , aluminum , zinc alloy and so on .

  • Who we are ?

    Custom fabrication metal spart parts supplier ,ie. CNC machining parts, Stamping and welding parts, die casting parts , investment castings , forging parts , even with tungsten carbide parts , dilling equipment and so on .

  • Why choose us ?

    The advantage of Ningbo Joyometal is one stop solution for our customer . The customer tell the requriment , and we will solve the rest.

  • How to work with us?

    Contact us immeditately by Email , whatapp ,skype and so on. Your drawing , picture ,sketch or sample is appreciated to our work .

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    Die Casting Parts Requirements

    Die casting process is a special process, the quality of die casting in the die-casting process can not be actually controlled, al
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    Stainless Steel Casting More Economical

    Stainless steel casting production is the key part of the sand treatment part, as the name suggests is to deal with dry sand, choo
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    Steel Casting Design Flexibility

    Cast steel valves are widely used due to their cost economy and design flexibility. As the basic structure of the valve casting is