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OEM Process Of Casting With Machining

A:Product Description 1, process of casting with machining 2, Material:St37 steel. 3, Weight=470g 4, Process:metal casting.then machining and CNC thread M42 5, Surface:shot blasted,anti-rusty. 6, Used in machinery industry. 7, Place of origin in zhenhai,Ningbo,China 8, Tolerance in CT7 grade. 9,...

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OEM Process Of Casting With Machining

OEM Process Of Casting With Machining

A:Product Description

1, process of casting with machining

2, Material:St37 steel.

3, Weight=470g

4, Process:metal casting.then machining and CNC thread M42

5, Surface:shot blasted,anti-rusty.

6, Used in machinery industry.

7, Place of origin in zhenhai,Ningbo,China

8, Tolerance in CT7 grade.

9, Sampling in one month and production ability in 10ton per month.

B:Our Service

1,OEM/ODM accept.

2,Small quantity accept.

3,3D print prototype allowed

4,can make logo on the product as customer’s request.

5,machining service ie.Drilling,turning,milling,grinding and so on.

6,other surface treatment,ie.paint,powder coated,zinc plated,chroming,polishing and so on.

7,tensile strength&hardness test allowed.


1,Packed in bulk,and laid into or wooden case.

2,Delivery in FOB Ningbo,or FOB shanghai







Mold stock

CNC in making mold

Material stock

Wax injection






Shell buliding room

Shell baking room

Casting in grinding cast gate

Products ready after shot blasted


 packed in wooden case.jpg


Packed in the pallet

Packed in wooden case

Pallet wrapped with plastic film in container

Test equipment and test bars





Spectrum analyzer

Tensile testing machine

Hardness tester

notch bar impact

Tensil strength Test bar

Situated in Ningbo, China, Ningbo Joyometal is specialized in high precision oem process of casting with machining manufacturing and marketing, which is well-known as one of the professional such manufacturers and suppliers. We have a professional factory which can offer you customized oem process of casting with machining at cheap price.

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