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Duplex Alloy100,1.4501,S32760 U bolt

Place of Origin: Ningbo, China (Mainland) Model Number: DN Standard: DN Duplex Alloy 100 U-bolt

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Duplex Alloy100,1.4501,S32760 U bolt

stainless u bolts square bend super duplex S32760

 ZERON® 100,  UNS S32760   EN1.4501  ASTM F55

it is an super-duplex alloy , and also is an austenitic ferritic stainless steel with tungsten.

1.4501 ,super duplex S32760 stainless u bolts square 

1.Size and type: 

Bolt: M6-M64
Threaded Rod:4-2000mm

chemical composition. 

C (%)Si (%)Mn (%)P (%)S (%)Cr (%)Mo (%)Ni (%)N (%)Cu (%)Co (%)Fe (%)Ti (%)Al (%)Nb (%)V (%)B (%)W (%)


physical property.

Hardness  HB 30 HB0.2% Yield  Strength RpN/mm²Tensile strength  RmN/mm²Enlong A5>=%Modulus of  elasticity kN/mm²reistant on air  up to Density g/cm³Specific heat  capacity J/kg KThermal  conductivity W/m KElectrical  resistivity Ω mm²/mSuitable welding  filler materials

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