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Hastelloy 2.4819,alloy C-276,N10276,Flat Square Head Bolt

hastelloy 2.4819 flat square head bolt

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Hastelloy 2.4819,alloy C-276,N10276,Flat Square Head Bolt

Our Products:

Hex Bolts Nuts washers U bolt, Parallel Key, Flange, stud bolts ,socke head screws, flat head screws,countersunk socket screws ,slotted head screws ,threaded rod ,chemical anchors, set screws of dog point, flat point, and other non standard process parts if with drawing.


Standards: GB ,ANSI/AMSE, DIN, JIS and BS,UNI etc

In stock items:  310S Hex nuts M6 - M20 AL6XN hex nut M6 904L Hex nuts M6 to M20, SAF2205 Hex nuts M6 to M20

                              duplex 2205 flat washers , hastelloy C276 M10 nuts and M10 flat washers


Metric size: M6 to M100
Inch size : 1/4" to 2 1/2
Nut: M3-M64 (hexagonal, flange)
Threaded Rod:4-3000mm (all thread, double end thread)

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