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2.4602 ,Alloy 22, UNS N06022 Stainless Steel Bolt Hollow Acme Threaded Rods

Place of Origin: Ningbo, China (Mainland)Model Number: M6- Standard: DIN type: hex head certification: ISO color: silver Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: wooden box,plywood case or by the client's need Delivery Detail: 15-30days

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2.4602 ,Alloy 22, UNS N06022 Stainless Steel Bolt Hollow Acme Threaded Rods

HASTELLOY B - 2, nickel molybdenum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance in the reducing environment HASTELLOY - 3-2 B, B to any temperature and concentration of hydrochloric acid has excellent corrosion resistance

HASTELLOY C - 4 a better thermal stability, 650-1040 - C has good toughness and corrosion resistance

HASTELLOY C - 22 uniform corrosion resistance in oxidizing medium capacity is better than C - 4 and C - 276, local corrosion resistant ability

Excellent HASTELLOY C - 276 for oxidizing and reducing corrosion medium has good resistance, excellent ability to resist stress corrosion HASTELLOY C - 2000 performance is the most comprehensive corrosion resistant alloy, in the oxidation and reduction environment have good uniform corrosion resistance ability

HASTELLOY G - 30-35 G upgrade products, excellent corrosion resistance and better thermal stability HASTELLOY G - 30 nickel base alloy, high chromium content in the phosphoric acid and other strong oxidizing acid mixture medium well


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