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2.4360,N04400,alloy400,DIN976A/DIN976B Threaded rod

Chemical Composition, % In what applications is Zeron 100, super duplex stainless steel used? Oil and gas industry applications Pollution control Pulp and paper Power generation Flue-gas desulfurization Chemical, pharmaceutical Desalination Mining and mineral industries Marine industries

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2.4360,N04400,alloy400,DIN976A/DIN976B Threaded rod

Threaded Rods DIN976B are fastening bars or rods threaded along their length.Threaded Rods DIN976B are a short length threaded rods with chamfer.They can be used with standard nuts and washers. Used in plumbing, contracting, and maintenance applications, threaded rods are used to join together and stabilize objects and structures made of wood, metal and concrete.Several grades for your choice.Custom length is available.

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